Sunday, December 27, 2009

Make money from your links

There are now numerous revenue sharing websites that allow you to create short articles with your links to build backlinks and then additionally will share advertsing revenue with users. Indeed some sites actually pass on 100% of the advertising revenue. Check the list of sites under "build backlinks here" for plenty of options to quickly build up backlinks to your content and potentially make some easy money online from them.

An additional option worth considering is the opportunity to actually make money every time one of your links is clicked. Two sites that will monetize your links are linkbee and linkbucks.

These sites basically work by diverting your link via advertising of some form or another. It could be a banner above the page, a brief visit to a maketing page prior to the real intended destination or some adsense integration. This kind of 'intervention' in the users experience needs to be used with some caution as it obviously has ther potential to highly annoy some internet users and quickly get you a reputation as a spammer. Used carelessly this could quickly loose you a hard won following of 'friends' and 'fans'.

However with thoughtful application for a targeted campaign or mass mailing to a diverse group of followers there is certainly potential to make money with these services simply from sharing links.

Linkbucks also offer users a hosted blog which could be used as another presence for further backlinking to your content elsewhere.

Check out some examples of paid links options to monetize your links here.

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