Monday, December 28, 2009

A Tipdrop tip

A quick thumbs up for TipDrop as a site worth signing up to if you want to build some quick backlinks.

TipDrop is basically about sharing short amounts of information - tips - on anything you have some knowledge and expertise in. It also allows you to integrate your google adsense account to earn 75% of all ad revenue from your pages.

However the primary attraction of TipDrop initially is its great value for creating backlinks. Your profile page can include up to ten, yes 10, of your own links with title and description. I've barely done anything on the site - three or four tips to date I think - but Google has found my profile page and links. I know this because Google alerts for relevant terms I've set have been triggered. For ten backlinks TripDrop is worth and hour or so to sign up and set up even if you never do much else with it. If you share some tips and get a bit of adsense moola too so much the better!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Paid links with linkbucks and linkbee

Following on from my previous post on linkbee and linkbucks options for monetizing your links here are some working examples of the different types of links you can create. Use these to preview what a link would be like for someone clicking on it. As mentioned previously these should be used with some caution to avoid annoying and alienating your hard won traffic.


Intersitial Link. This acts a brief commercial between the transition of your link.

Banner. This will display a banner at the top of the destination page for your link.

There is also the option with Linkbee to use the service as a simple url shortener with no advertising element.


Linkbucks offer a few more options.

Intersitial Link. This acts a brief commercial between the transition of your link.

Banner. This will display a banner at the top of the destination page for your link.

Pop up. This shows a pop advertisment before the destination site.

Linkbucks also have the option to use the service purely for url shortening with no ads. There is also a choice of alternative alias domains to use in your links instead of which could be useful especially if any are appropriate to the destination content you're linking to.

If you really want to go to town with this monetized linking linkbucks also have options to automatically covert whole pages either through a form on their site to get a reworked version of your HTML or with a script you add to your code that will convert your links to paid links on the fly. Both options allow you to exclude some links you don't want converted. Again you'd want to give a lot of thought to how you might use this. With a lot of traffic it could be quite lucrative but if you've got some serious sustained traffic exposing your visitors to too much paid linking probably isn't a good idea. If you can drive a decent volume of traffic for a short campaign this could work well especially for monetizing those that click away from your offer.

Make money from your links

There are now numerous revenue sharing websites that allow you to create short articles with your links to build backlinks and then additionally will share advertsing revenue with users. Indeed some sites actually pass on 100% of the advertising revenue. Check the list of sites under "build backlinks here" for plenty of options to quickly build up backlinks to your content and potentially make some easy money online from them.

An additional option worth considering is the opportunity to actually make money every time one of your links is clicked. Two sites that will monetize your links are linkbee and linkbucks.

These sites basically work by diverting your link via advertising of some form or another. It could be a banner above the page, a brief visit to a maketing page prior to the real intended destination or some adsense integration. This kind of 'intervention' in the users experience needs to be used with some caution as it obviously has ther potential to highly annoy some internet users and quickly get you a reputation as a spammer. Used carelessly this could quickly loose you a hard won following of 'friends' and 'fans'.

However with thoughtful application for a targeted campaign or mass mailing to a diverse group of followers there is certainly potential to make money with these services simply from sharing links.

Linkbucks also offer users a hosted blog which could be used as another presence for further backlinking to your content elsewhere.

Check out some examples of paid links options to monetize your links here.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

How to upsize photos for Alamy submission

Read this guide at for instructions on interpolating digital photos to upsize images to meet the 48mb minimum required at Alamy stock photography library. How to resize images for Alamy submission.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

How to cut your petrol costs

So after two weeks of talking they didn't really come up with anything much at the Copenhagen Climate Conference. No great surprise there I guess, unfortunately. It is depressing that our elected 'leaders' seem collectively so incapable of serious action.

As individuals we may need to forget about relying on government to deal with climate change and just get on with changing ourselves. With climate change and rising fuel costs we all need to find ways of reducing our energy consumption. This article provides advice on ways you can quickly cut your fuel use and therefore costs with the car you currently drive.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tips for choosing web hosting

Having recently been in the market for a new web host I've written a guide on some things to consider when you are shopping around for a web hosting deal. There are a lot of companies out there offering hosting but it can seem like there isn't much to choose to between their offerings. Read this guide for some pointers on things to consider.

In the end I went with Super Green Hosting as they had a great monthly rate for unlimited space and bandwith with cPanel and one click install of wordpress and other fantastico applications.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Clustershot review at

I've published a review of Clustershot over at fstop57, my stock photography blog. Clustershot is not quite stock agency, not quite gallery software and quite interesting as an ecommerce solution for selling Royalty Free stock photos directy to buyers. If you're a photographer interested in selling the rights to use your images then it is worth checking out.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

How to build backlinks quickly

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are like breadcrumbs. Tasty little morsels scattered about that will lead people to your content. You can create great content, whether it be articles, images, video etc, but if there are no links pointing to your media it will be an uphill struggle getting it found. Basically backlinks are links to your page(s) from other domains.

Why build backlinks?

Backlinks are about getting your stuff noticed; by people and search engines, so its value can shine through. A lot of web traffic is generated through surfers using search engines. To get any sort of presence on search engine results you need backlinks as the search engines use them to determine the value of your webiste, blog, article or manifesto for world domination. You could be the World's next best thing and solution to Climate Change, but it aint gonna happen without backlinks baby!

The more high profile, trusted, relevant and busy sites are the more valuable the backlink from it will be. In an ideal world you'd create your content and let these links develop naturally. The trouble is if you do that it is more than likely they'll never appear, or you'll be waiting a long time at best. Just like Grandma said, "If you want something done, better go make a start yourself ..."

How do you build backlinks quickly?

In short you find places on the web that have some form of user interactivity so that you can create content on that site that includes a link back to your own site. With web 2.0 this has become a lot more common and so isn't too hard. Blogs, forums and social networking sites are all obvious potentially valuable places to create backlinks. The more popular the site in terms of traffic the better, however relevancy to your content is also extremely, perhaps even more, important.

The trick now is in understanding where to target your efforts and how to do it constructively. This will vary depending on your content and market but there are some general rules worth considering. For instance placing comments on popular blogs is a quick way to create links back to your own blog or content. However it is important your comment contributes something worthwhile to the discussion and isn't simply spam.